Count of smaller elements

A Program to count no of smaller elements for a given number in an array. A Geeks For Geeks Problem Standard:Easy


Number of Diagonals

A program to find No Of diagonals possible for an "N" sided Convex Polygon A Problem Taken From 'GEEKS FOR GEEKS' Standard : Easy;

Balanced Array

Program to Find if an Array is balanced or not. A Problem Taken From 'GEEKS FOR GEEKS' Standard : Easy;


Remove Duplicates from unsorted array

A Problem taken from 'GEEKS FOR GEEKS' Standard: Easy


K-th distinct element

A Problem Statement taken from geeks for geeks portal written in C++


Best IDE’s for C/C++

C/C++ are the basic programming languages used and the experience of programming is best in IDE's in this post you can find the best IDE's Suitable for You.



Hackerrank Problem Solution To kangaroo from Implementations of Algorithms


Grading Students

A Hackerrank Problem taken from Implementations of Algorithms Problem name : Grading Students


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